Black Friday Sale – FREE SHIPPING

Every day is “Black Friday” at
Spice Blend packs are $5/each and FREE SHIPPING!  These make great stocking stuffers, additions to gift baskets and as always, a great addition to your holiday meal!  Substitute rice flour and you have a gluten free meal option!  Order now by going to our website! Each Spice Blend Pack makes 1 gallon of our famous chowder!

Spice Blend Packs

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Johnathan Hillstrand, Matt Bradley & Nick Mcglashan Deadliest Catch Crew love Smoked Salmon Chowder!

What a great surprise!  Cast members from Discovery’s Deadliest Catch ordered up some of our Smoked Salmon Chowder for lunch!  They loved it!  They even came over and took a picture in front of our booth today at the 2013 Commercial Fishermen’s Festival!

Nick Mcglashan, Matt Bradley & Johnathan Hillstrand from Deadliest Catch

Nick Mcglashan, Matt Bradley & Johnathan Hillstrand from Deadliest Catch

We were surprised to learn that Captain Johnathan Hillstrand of the F/V Time Bandit spends his time off the boat writing and illustrating children’s books.  Pulling from his experiences out in the Bering Sea. The book has some Deadliest Catch jokes and references, like Sig the Starfish, a reference to Captain Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern, another Deadliest Catch boat. Sig Starfish has a sister who was a star on Hollywood Boulevard who “got tired of people walking all over her, though.” The pirate captain is named Don Task, but the name on his hat says “Don’t Ask.”

The illustrations are simple and whimsical with a life lesson woven into each story.  Having children and grandchildren of our own (and being Deadliest Catch fans too), we will be ordering up Hillstrand’s books for our kids to enjoy!  You can pick up your copy too at:

Johnathan, Matt & Nick were very kind to us and we were so happy that they enjoyed their lunch so much!  If you’d like to try some of our famous Smoked Salmon Chowder, you can go to our website at and order your spice blend pack so you can make your own at home.  We offer free shipping and our spice blend pack makes over a GALLON of our chowder!



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Day One: SOLD OUT of Smoked Salmon Chowder at Commercial Fishermen’s Festival

The day isn’t over and we have sold out of our famous Smoked Salmon Chowder!  Cast members from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch are on site including; Captain Jonathan Hillstrand, Scott Hillstrand,Captain Rick and Donna Quashnick, Hiram Johnson, Nick McGlashan, Matt Bradley, Captain “Big Dad” Harry Lewis, Robert Perkey and Mike Vanderveldt among others! The sun is shining on day one… but drizzle and possible thunderstorms are moving in tomorrow.  But we are ‘Coasties’ so we are prepared!

Customers are amazed that we make each batch, fresh from scratch, right on the spot!  This year we are using rice flour so our Smoked Salmon Chowder is GLUTEN FREE and oh so creamy!

You can find our Smoked Salmon Chowder Recipe on our website at where you can also purchase a spice blend pack for $5 – and it makes a whole gallon of our chowder!

Looking forward to day 2 of this festival… we promise tomorrow to bring even more fresh ingredients so we don’t sell out before the end of the day!  Chowder for All!

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2013 Commercial Fishermens Festival w/ Deadliest Catch Cast

2013 Commercial Fishermens Festival w/ Deadliest Catch Cast

Come meet the cast of Deadliest Catch and grab a bowl of our homemade Smoked Salmon Chowder and homemade slabs of garlic toast!

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Hood River Harvest Festival a Success for!

Well, it was another amazing year at the Hood River Harvest Festival in Hood River, OR!  It was perfect Chowder weather!  Our goal this year was to break our record of 90 gallons of Smoked Salmon Chowder from last year’s festival… Drum roll…  WE DID IT!!  92 gallons of Smoked Salmon Chowder dished out at this year’s Harvest Fest!  This year we offered Gluten Free chowder and it was a HIT!  So many patrons appreciated having the option to purchase Gluten Free!  We were so happy to accommodate!


The homemade slabs of Garlic Toast were a huge hit too!  We handmade 90 loaves of buttermilk white bread and sliced em’ thick!  A perfect combo!

The Spice Blend Packs were a HIT too!  And if you didn’t get a chance to drop by for some Chowder, you can pick up our Spice Blend Packs for just $5 each with FREE shipping on our website  If you substitute rice flour – you can make a batch of our chowder GLUTEN FREE


Here’s to another great year at the Hood River Harvest Festival!  You can be sure that we will be back!


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This weekend, October 19-21 we will be slingin’ our Smoked Salmon Chowder at the Hood River Harvest Festival in beautiful Hood River, OR.  We are so excited!  We look forward to this festival every year!

Visit our FACEBOOK page!


Last year we “slung” over 90 gallons of our chowder and over 80 loaves of our home made slabs of garlic toast.  We are back this year and armed with even more chowder and more fresh, home made bread!  If you haven’t made the trip out to Hood River for this festival… it is a MUST!  You will not be disappointed!  So, gather the family & friends and we’ll see you at HARVEST FEST!!


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Ellis Ranch Raves Over Smoked Salmon Chowder Recipe

Trails End – Seaside, OR. —-> blogged about our Smoked Salmon Chowder!  Here is what they had to say about our Smoked Salmon Chowder Recipe & Spice Blend Packs!

“I would highly recommend ordering the season packets for the Smoked Salmon Chowder. We ate this during the festival and bought several packets. So you know what we are having for dinner tonight!”

“Had to end our trip here with the making of Salmon Chowder, wow it was yummy. Used some of our salmon from LaPush, WA. Have to give the meal a five star rating and plan on serving this dish to the family on Christmas Eve. We generally have oyster stew but this year Salmon Chowder all the way baby.”

Thank you again Ellis Ranch for your kind words!  We hope to become your year-round friend!  Happy Holidays!



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Smoked Salmon Chowder a HIT at #Hood River Harvest Festival

The chowder hounds came out in full force this year at the Hood River Harvest Festival this weekend! We had all hands on deck as we dished out over 90 gallons of Smoked Salmon Chowder and served up over 350 slabs of homemade garlic toast! We had such a wonderful time and the weather was beautiful! If you missed out on a bowl of our famous chowder, go to our website and order one of our $5 spice blend packs (free shipping) and make a fresh batch at home! Thank you again to all of our customers and thank you Hood River Harvest Festival for having us back again this year! Yes! We will be back for the 2012 festival! You can count on it!

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Smoked Salmon Chowder Sells Out AGAIN! People Lovin’ the Spice Blend Packs & Recipe

What an amazing weekend for in Ilwaco, WA and Astoria, OR Happy Fourth of July!! Go online to our website and receive FREE Shipping on our Smoked Salmon Chowder Spice Blend Packs!

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Smoked Salmon Chowder @ Alderbrook Golf Course in Tillamook, OR

Hellloooo Chowder Fans!! We wanted you to be the first to know that Smoked Salmon Chowder will be at Alderbrook Golf Course in Tillamook, OR for the Oregon Fireworks Festival! We are so excited! Check out what they are planning!

Saturday, July 2nd
9:00am Car Show Registration – $25 entry fee
11:00am Car Show opens to the public
3:00pm Fireworks Festival Opens
5:00pm to 6:30pm Live Band – Stripped
6:30pm-7:00pm Raffle Drawing/Announcements
7:00pm-8:30pm Live Band – 80’s Invasion
8:30pm-9:00pm Raffle Drawing/Announcements
9:00pm-10:00pm Live Band – Laramie Myers
10:00pm-10:30pm Fireworks Display

Access to the Car Show is FREE to everyone.
Tickets to the Fireworks Festival can be purchased through TicketsWest for $15 in advance or $20 at the door – Kids 12 and under are FREE. Here is the link to purchase your tickets in advance:

We are looking forward to good times, good music, GREAT CHOWDER and a HUGE fireworks show! Come on out and see us!

If you can’t make it to Tillamook – we will have our 2nd booth up in Ilwaco, WA on July 2nd as well for the Saturday Market at the Port of Ilwaco followed by the fireworks show! Two great places to take the kiddos – Two great places to get your Smoked Salmon Chowder fix!!

Check out our website at: where our spice blend packs are $5 with free shipping!!

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