Hood River Harvest Festival a Success for SmokedSalmonChowder.com!

Well, it was another amazing year at the Hood River Harvest Festival in Hood River, OR!  It was perfect Chowder weather!  Our goal this year was to break our record of 90 gallons of Smoked Salmon Chowder from last year’s festival… Drum roll…  WE DID IT!!  92 gallons of Smoked Salmon Chowder dished out at this year’s Harvest Fest!  This year we offered Gluten Free chowder and it was a HIT!  So many patrons appreciated having the option to purchase Gluten Free!  We were so happy to accommodate!


The homemade slabs of Garlic Toast were a huge hit too!  We handmade 90 loaves of buttermilk white bread and sliced em’ thick!  A perfect combo!

The Spice Blend Packs were a HIT too!  And if you didn’t get a chance to drop by for some Chowder, you can pick up our Spice Blend Packs for just $5 each with FREE shipping on our website www.smokedsalmonchowder.com  If you substitute rice flour – you can make a batch of our chowder GLUTEN FREE


Here’s to another great year at the Hood River Harvest Festival!  You can be sure that we will be back!



About smokedsalmonchowderdotcom

We started making Smoked Salmon Chowder at local farmers markets and festivals around Oregon and Washington. Now, we are launching Smokedsalmonchowder.com so we can sell our spice packs online!
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