Are they professional chefs?  NO.  Just a husband and wife team that took the family recipe to the streets (and now into your home)!
Dan and Tina Delay relocated from Southern Oregon to beautiful Astoria, OR with their chowder recipe and a whole herd of beef cattle.  You see, the two actually do go hand in hand.  The duo make their tasty chowder fresh, batch by batch at local farmer’s markets and use the profits to feed their cattle through the winter.  They never believed in a million years that their Smoked Salmon Chowder would be such a HIT with everyone who bought a bowl.  Fast foward 3 years – Dan and Tina and their Smoked Salmon Chowder booth can be found at several local farmer’s markets, festivals and are now selling their spice blend packs ONLINE!

Dan and Tina (and their cattle) want to thank everyone who has supported them over the years!  They look forward to serving up their tasty chowder for years to come!


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