Market Season for Smoked Salmon Chowder

Ahhh the smells, the music, the fresh produce and of course the YUMMY Smoked Salmon Chowder!!

Here is a list of local Farmer’s Markets where you can find us this season! We will also be attending some festivals around Oregon and Washington and we’ll post those schedules as they come available.

Tuesdays you can find us at the Cannon Beach, OR Farmer’s Market

Fridays we will be at the Manzanita, OR Farmer’s Market

Saturdays we are slingin chowder at the Port of Ilwaco Saturday Market

And Sundays we are at the Astoria, OR Sunday Market

Of course you can always find us online at:

Stay tuned for more updates on where you can find us… and get your CHOWDA fix!!

See you at the Market!

About smokedsalmonchowderdotcom

We started making Smoked Salmon Chowder at local farmers markets and festivals around Oregon and Washington. Now, we are launching so we can sell our spice packs online!
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1 Response to Market Season for Smoked Salmon Chowder

  1. James Davis says:

    The best Smoked Salmon Chowder in the USA. I would recommend it to you and all your friends. I myself, loved it and shall continue to enjoy it.
    Like the old statement “Try it — you’ll like it!”

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